Monday, March 28, 2011

A Look at Grant Morrison's Batman

(Who need torso protection when you’re the goddamn batman)

Grant Morrison.

You are brilliant, but sometimes make absolutely no freaking sense.

Recently, I just purchased the “critically applauded” Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne series. The book I received collected Grant Morrison’s series in a nice hardback book with all sorts of nifty bonus stuff. After I spent some time just looking at it I decided that I should probably read this. So, I eventually opened the book, read a bit of it and scratched my tiny little head.

Basically the plot starts with Bruce Wayne waking up in the middle of nowheresville, only to find that he has been sent back to prehistoric times and has somehow pissed off a bunch of dumbass cavemen.


I wish I could say that it started to make sense, but as a matter of fact, it only gets worse. The problem with this whole Grant Morrison takeover of DC that happened a while back was that it wasn’t about just making great books. It was about making books that only made sense if you purchased all 20 of the individually overpriced books.

And from what I hear from people who actually sat down and read all this shit, is that it wasn’t exactly that good even if you did read everything Grant Morrison pumped out of his digestive tract.

(Grant Morrison: Being Scottish so makes you cooler than everyone else)

Still, I did read and enjoy his Batman and Robin. And I’m currently diggin Batman: Inc. So don’t think I be hatin’ Scottsman…